Physicist Engineer BSc

BME’s Faculty of Natural Sciences launches a new Physicist-Engineer BSc program in September 2023

In response to an overwhelming demand from technology intensive R&D companies in Hungary and worldwide, BME launches a new program to train Physicist-Engineers with strong R & D potential.

Our program focuses on rapidly developing technological areas such as quantum- and nanotechnology, data science and artificial intelligence, photonics, quantum optics and materials science, sustainable energetics, and nuclear technology. In collaboration with our industrial partners, we offer worldwide competitive, versatile knowledge in these fields to answer novel technological challenges.


We educate creative researchers with a strong multidisciplinary background, and engage them in R&D research of frontline technological companies already during their studies. Industrial and research training is provided by leading national and international R&D companies such as Siemens, Bosch, Nokia, Semilab, Femtonics, Mediso, as well as by research institutes with applied science and technology focus.


Physicist-engineer students receive a balanced combination of courses on engineering, physics, mathematics, computer and data science, as well as management.

Technological aspects are pronounced in the curriculum of Physicist-Engineer students, who receive, however, a stronger education in natural sciences than usual engineering students. This makes them unique and most capable of performing creative and innovative R&D activity in fields ranging from quantitative data science or nuclear technology to nano- and quantum technology.

Data science is one of the most important components of our program: advanced data collection, visualization, and data processing as well as machine learning are parts of the core skills we teach. These can be further developed in our Scientific Data Processing specialization.

All courses are in English, but we offer many possibilities to improve your professional English and language skills.

We offer advanced professional English courses for our students (Scientific Writing, English for Engineers, Presentations Skills, Communication Skills).

In the first year, students also receive Hungarian lecture recordings and lecture notes, and are also allowed to pass exams and have consultation in Hungarian throughout their studies.


Having completed our Physicist-Engineer BSc program, you can immediately continue and perform research at R&D companies, but you can also continue your studies on various engineering MSc programs, or on the physics or applied mathematics master programs of the BME.

Our most dedicated students can enroll in our PhD school to become highly qualified researchers, and potentially pursue an academic carrier.

We currently offer three specializations:

Our NANOTECHNOLOGY AND QUANTUM APPLICATIONS specialization focuses on future technologies. The training covers areas such as the synthesis and preparation of nano-architectures and their application in novel sensor architectures and information processing technologies as well as in quantum communication and computation.

The NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGIES AND SUSTAINABLE ENERGETICS specialization focuses on problems and research in the field of sustainability, with a special emphasis on nuclear technologies, their medical applications, and fusion research. Our on campus nuclear reactor offers unique educational environment for nuclear studies.

Today, Artificial Intelligence solutions and big data handling are indispensable ingredients of signal processing and measurement techniques. Our SCIENTIFIC DATA PROCESSING specialization offers training in AI techniques as well as big data methods, in combination with advanced data acquisition, data processing and data modeling tools.